Is a Quantrix Modeler version for MacOS running natively on M1 platforms currently planned?

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Hello everybody.

I would like to go back to a question posed by Lyledp more than one year ago in this forum 

I am currently using Quantrix Modeler on two mac M1 machines (Mac mini and Macbook Pro 2021) with no problems. However, I am wondering whether running QM with a specific java JRE for M1/ARM chips (without resorting to Rosetta on an Intel JRE, as is the case now) may increase computation speed.

If I am not wrong, QM currently uses Amazon Corretto 8 JDK (embedded in the app package).

I have checked that there is a version of Amazon Corretto 8 for M1/Arm Mac:

Is there any plan about a QM version compiled and executing in such M1-specific java environment?


Gilbert Posted new comment January 26, 2023

Just successfully installed M1, the App now correctly shows “Apple Chips” in the application information screen.

I did some performance measurements on my Monte-Carlo-Simulations: the speed increase is roughly a factor of “2”. Not the hopped for factor “4”, but still a very significant improvement.

Can’t yet judge the stability improvement, but so far no issues.

Many thanks to all the people who made this possible.



Thanks for this great news. While Quantrix is running under Rosetta, I expect quite a performance increase. So, really looking forward to the new release!


Gilbert Answered question November 7, 2022
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