Is a native Monte-Carlo functionality needed in Quantrix?

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Hi all!

Yesterday during the Roadmap – Session of the Quantrix Dimension, there was a point about including native Monte-Carlo functionality in Quantrix.

I was a bit intrigued by this, as I have developed together with Quantrix people a Monte Carlo kit which I belived to be pretty functional. As I never got any help requests or feature requests, I concluded that either there was no interest in Monte Carlo, or the kit was so easy to use that everybody was happy with it.

Now there seems to be a bunch of people who feel the need for native Monte Carlo functionality. Thus I would be very interested what this could be.

There are of course dedicated simulation platforms which do much more sophisticated Monte Carlo stuff than is possible in Quantrix. But these platforms are way too complicated to do a reasonable economical model on it. So they have another goal. I personally do not think that Quantrix can gain anything in competing with these simulation platforms.

BUT: for all real life questions: it’s not the Monte-Carlo part which is complicated. It is having a good economical model which is the tough part. And this is what Quantrix is great at. So, for me, Quantrix does not have to be a MC-simulation hero. It must provide a base for having a good strong economical model. Adding some simple simulation on top of it is more then enough. That’s what we did with the MC-kit.

Anything you are missing in the current MC-kit? I would love to hear from you!

Thanks, Gilles

Quantrix Marketing Changed status to publish November 16, 2023

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