Incompatibility The Text() and Fixed() with the Join()


Hi all,
Trial testing QM5.3.7 showed the incompatibility of text functions: Text(), Fixed() and Join().
Briefly the essence of the problem.
1. Model’s Objective: To generate a string with the cost calculation according to Buy, Sell and Quota datas like a ToBe. See attachment.
2. The study was performed in a test version of QM5.3.7
AsIs1 is calculated corrrectly by the formula №1 of Text Functions Probing matrix, but it does not format ALL numbers.
Therefore, attempts were made using text functions Text() and Fixed() to make numbers formatting in the format I need (ToBe). See formulas [2 .. 5].
As can be seen, the use of these functions has not led to the desired result entirely. These functions do not work together in this task.
Unlike QM, Excel perfectly copes with a similar calculating task.

Edited question

Hi all,
FYI. The QM’s Char(), Dollar(), Fixed(), Roman() and Text() functions can’t return a lists of values to the Join(). This is the reason why the formulas [2..5] do not form a correct results.
To work around this limitation, it is necessary to broaden the structure of the model and separately run numbers formatting.

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