If function does not extend across years

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I am trying to allocate value “0” in HC-Database Forecast matrix to items in category “Last,First”, who have entered some termination date in matrix Active HC-Budget.
E,g Abc was terminated in 8/17/17 and Xyz was terminated in 3/16/18.
PROBLEM: I can see a 0 against Abc in September in the Year 2017 but it does not extend to 2018. Need 0 against Abc in 2018.
My formula
In Fcst, Month = if(isblank(|||Active HC -Budget|||::Termination),1,if(|||Active HC -Budget|||::Termination<Date Manager::Date,0,1))
What am I missing?

Quantrix Administrator Edited question June 5, 2018

Thank you for the reply.
Solution works but I cannot change the year to "2018" …. I have to keep it as FY18.



This is my version of the solution to your problem.