How to work with users in a hyperlink location

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Within our modeling group we share models. The models are located at a location and from 1 model I have a Hyperlink refering to that file at that location. The problem is, the user is in the path to the location, so another user can’t open the file via the hyperlink.

Eg. location: c:\users\user1\Quantrix models\model1.model

Now if user2 is in the model, it can’t open the path via the hyperlink as he/she isn’t user1.

Anyone an idea on how to manipulate hyperlinks in such a way?

Tahir Answered question July 2, 2024

Hi Robert,

It looks like one user tries to access the model on a local C drive of another user. I would recommend to put models on a shared network drive (not local). Then your hyperlinks remain the same and you will not have this problem.


Tahir Answered question July 2, 2024
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