How to sum a value range with more than one criteria

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I have a matrix with a column \”montant\” and two columns \”TypeP\” and \”P\” that I use as criteria.

I want to sum \”Montant\” for only one combinaison of the two criteria.

Thanks for your help.

vb67 Answered question April 4, 2021

Hi vb67!

1. Let there are three matrices:
SD{C:Fields[I:Value, TypeP, P], C:Recs[I:Rc1..Rc10]} is some Source Data,
SmlCrt{C:Criterium[I:TypeP, P]} is Sampling Criteria,
Report{C:CalcVar[I:Calc1..Calc3]} are Results of three formulas;
2. Let the TypeP criterion takes values from the range [C1,C2,C3]; the criterion P takes values from the range [E1,E2,E3].
Then the sum of the values chosen by the two criteria (TypeP & P) can be obtained by one of the three formulas (see below).


Good luck

S A U Answered question April 2, 2021
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