How to exclude summary items in a cell reference?

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I want to address a entire matrix, or a slice of a matrix, and AUTOMATICALLY exlude the summary items (e.g. not knowing if and which items are defined as summary items). Is this possible?

If not, I think this would be a feature request!

I join a (maybe stupid) example on taking the “sum (matrix)”, which does not give the sum of all the data items, but includes also the Region-sum and the Year-average.

Thanks for any ideas / comments!


Gilbert Answered question March 8, 2024

Thank you for your input, SAU.

I completely agree with you that separating Data from Totals is a good practice! It makes model formula much easier. I like your approach more than the one using Summary().

That said, I now finally understood how to use the “Summary()” correctly, and it works as well if used right, if anybody wishes to use it. I used it because I worked with a model that somebody else did.

Thanks again and a good week-end.


Gilbert Edited answer March 8, 2024
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