How to exclude summary items in a cell reference?

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I want to address a entire matrix, or a slice of a matrix, and AUTOMATICALLY exlude the summary items (e.g. not knowing if and which items are defined as summary items). Is this possible?

If not, I think this would be a feature request!

I join a (maybe stupid) example on taking the “sum (matrix)”, which does not give the sum of all the data items, but includes also the Region-sum and the Year-average.

Thanks for any ideas / comments!


Gilbert Answered question March 8, 2024

Hi all,

Quantrix support solved this problem for me. You need to add “summary()” also in the calculation. My misunderstanding was that the “Summary”-item would carry this information on it’s own. It does, but you need to enforce it by using “Summary()” in the sum formula as well.

Sorry for confusion, hope this helps somebody.


Gilbert Selected answer as best March 8, 2024

Hi Gilbert,

Modeling in QM can be greatly facilitated if you follow a few simple rules for structuring the model. The model consists of an input module, a calculation module, and a presentation module for the results from the calculation module.
Information is necessarily supplied to the input module in the form of flat- and/or cross-tables, which contain only the source data without any statistical processing.
The calculation module performs all the necessary calculations and statistical processing of the source data from the input module.
The presentation module shows the account totals from the calculation module.

Good luck

S A U Answered question March 8, 2024

Thank you for your input, SAU.

I completely agree with you that separating Data from Totals is a good practice! It makes model formula much easier. I like your approach more than the one using Summary().

That said, I now finally understood how to use the “Summary()” correctly, and it works as well if used right, if anybody wishes to use it. I used it because I worked with a model that somebody else did.

Thanks again and a good week-end.


Gilbert Edited answer March 8, 2024

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