How to delete a row in 2 dimensional Matrix

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If I have a 2 dimensional matrix :
Qtr1   Product
Row1   Q1       Tesla
Row2   Q2        Ford
What command should I write to delete all the rows that have product “Ford” ?


S A U Answered question February 13, 2019

Thank you for the reply and for sharing the model. The script works.
Quick follow up question.
If I have to delete rows based on criteria in seperate column do I write the function twice example:
|M1::RowLst|.items.each {
if (|M1|.getSelection(it, |M1::Product|).value.equals(“Ford”))
|M1::RowLst|.items.each {
if (|M1|.getSelection(it, |M1::Qtr|).value.equals(“Q1”))

This does work but seems to be inefficient.

shrishank Answered question February 12, 2019
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