How to change canvas comments according to scenario

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Dear all,
I have several scenarios for a financial simulation. The output of the simulation is shown in a canvas where the desired scenario can be selected. I also have comments in the canvas. Is there a way to link the comments to the selected scenario ? So if Scenario 1 is selected, for instance, a certain comment will appear but if a scenario 2 is selected, a different comment will appear.
Many thanks

vpluchet Answered question November 3, 2018

I was able to do this by creating a “Comment” matrix, using the Scenarios as one category and entering different comment items  (Comment 1, Comment 2, or other names) under a Comment Item category. It is then easy to bring each comment into the canvas by inserting a text box with an expression like {Comment::Comment 1}. Depending on the scenario selected, the right comment will show.

vpluchet Answered question November 3, 2018

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