How I can prevent user to change data in the past?

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I want to lock cell and don’t allow anyone to change it. For example, when we begin a new month, I want the program will automate lock the planning data in the past and it can’t be changed. How I can do that?

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I think it is a good question. Maybe the way to solve it to create a data entry matrix with a time filter showing only current month and forward. This matrix should not have permission for user to change the filter or expand. Create another matrix – calculation only. It should simply take data from the matrix with entry data using formula. This one will show whole set of data (no filter). So, user will not be able to change past data since he or she cannot see the past data on the entry matrix, but will be able to see whole set of data on calculation matrix.

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Hi – Sorry this was not answered sooner. However, there is not auto-locking feature in Quantrix. However, you can certainly set up a time control in the model that detects if a month is in the ‘actual’ period… then use the actual numbers. Otherwise, refer to some type of “forecast” item to get that forecast or planning number.

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