How do specify a dynamic range selection in scripting

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How can I modify this script to do a dynamic range selection:
def itemSize = |HC Casual Labour Budget Input::’2′..Row|
I want to replace the ‘2’ in the first line to something that means the second item of a category Row no matter what the name of the second item is. I wish I could do something like:
def itemSize = |HC Casual Labour Budget Input::Row[FIRST+1]..Row|   so that it always selects from second row to the last row of the specified Row category.
Any help please

Answered question

Let 2D matrix ‘HC Casual Labour Budget Input‘ has:
– one category at the QM’s column tray with index 0 and
– one category at the QM’s row tray with index 1 (in you case this is Row category).
To extract column’s values excluding the first one it is possible to use this code pointing on column’s index [0; sizeColumnCategory – 1]:
def itemSize = |HC Casual Labour Budget Input|.categories[0].items[0].values.tail(),
// where items[0] is the first column.
Good luck

Answered question
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