How can I represent Negative number on Pie Chart

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In the matrix3 the left over to commit for tech is -300.
How do i represent this in Pie Chart(Canvas 1). This portion is not displayed



FYI. Null, empty, negative and zero values have no effect when calculating parts of the whole. This is reason, why these values [u:1ta3rx47]are not shown[/u:1ta3rx47] on a pie chart.


Instead of a pie chart, a bar chart would be more meaningful.

In Tableau, a bar-within-a-bar chart is easy to pull off.

I’m not very good with the chart builder in Quantrix, but the attached gives you the concept.

James and Rich probably know how to shrink the commitment data point. That is, keep the original width of commitment, and then make the actual total be about half the size of the commitment bar width.

I’d probably nix the difference between actual and budget. But I kept it as I used what you already had.

To clarify, my attempt at what I was trying to accomplish is a poor one–just brainstorming an idea.