Header and footers in page setup: can I remove the border

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When I set headers of footers in Page setup for any kind of Quantrix view, headers and footers are printed by default with a thin black border all around (see image). In order to have a cleaner layout, I would like to remove such border or configure it (e.g. only top). I cannot find a setting to do that in the Page setup dialog boxes. Is there some other way to achieve that result? Thanks!

lerzegov Answered question March 21, 2023

Hi @lerzegov — I’m checking with our team internally on this to confirm, but today there is no functionality to edit/configure the borders on the headers and footers. Are you using Mac or PC, and what version of Quantrix? If you like, you can email me separately at lweber@quantrix.com

I’ll follow up when I receive confirmation from our internal team.

— Thanks, Lyndsey


Thanks @lyndseyweber and @SAU for you kind answers, sorry for giving feedback after some time.

@lyndseyweber : I am working with QM 2022.2 on a Macbook with M1 chip. If the header/footer border could be made configurable in a future release, that would be great. I am producing interactive models for my finance class in QM and with the requested enhancement I could obtain a clean printable version of canvasses organized as presentation slides. Thanks for following up with the development team and explaining the issue.

@SAU: I will try your first suggestion to use a Windows installation, that provides an immediate solution, thanks.

lerzegov Answered question March 21, 2023
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