Header and footers in page setup: can I remove the border

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When I set headers of footers in Page setup for any kind of Quantrix view, headers and footers are printed by default with a thin black border all around (see image). In order to have a cleaner layout, I would like to remove such border or configure it (e.g. only top). I cannot find a setting to do that in the Page setup dialog boxes. Is there some other way to achieve that result? Thanks!

lerzegov Answered question March 21, 2023

Hi @lerzegov — I’m checking with our team internally on this to confirm, but today there is no functionality to edit/configure the borders on the headers and footers. Are you using Mac or PC, and what version of Quantrix? If you like, you can email me separately at lweber@quantrix.com

I’ll follow up when I receive confirmation from our internal team.

— Thanks, Lyndsey


Luca, hello!

If you haven’t solved the problem yet, here are my two strategies for solving it in order of increasing solution time.

1. Open your QM model file in the Windows version of QM. For this purpose you can use both the trial version of QM and the virtual version of Windows (Windows emulation).

2. Print your QM model on a PDF printer to a PDF file, and then remove the frames from the resulting PDF file in a separate PDF editor. Of course, this process will take longer.

Good luck

S A U Answered question March 9, 2023
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