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I have a presentation canvas with a variety of sliders to move variables.  When I added another slider into a group and connected it to it’s variable it shows the proper data.  However, I am unable to actually move the slider and it is greyed out.  I have deleted it and remade it several times but it remains greyed out and does not function properly.  All the properties are the same as the other sliders that are near it.

billy Answered question August 24, 2018

Sorry, should be clear if it isn’t obvious – it is the slider under “Travel”

Note: The problem slider is under “Travel”


Hi Billy,
Are you able to share a copy of the model for us to diagnose the issue?
If you don’t want to post it publicly on the community you can email it to me at and I will take a look…



Rep salary




Unfortunately no.  Each of the sliders is bound to the cells above which are manual inputs.

billy Answered question August 24, 2018

Is it possible that the cell you are binding the slider too is being calculated by a formula? If so the slider would not be able to change the cell and it would be grayed out. It would act this way as well if the slider was not bound to a cell at all but that is likely not the case…

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