Feature Request: Better Color Picker

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Perhaps a minor thing, but I think the color picker could be improved substantially. Currently, the default color picker requires you to either pick a pre-determined color or check “Advanced” to see more options:

This is inconvenient when you want to customize the colors often – I think it would be better to simply show the options in the main screen rather than forcing someone to click the “Advanced” checkbox to do so. But even when you choose “Advanced,” the default choice is underwhelming:

You can only choose RGB (or HSB if you click the other radio button) with the three values. Often times I’d like to enter a hex value (e.g., copied from the web or elsewhere) but I can’t. I need to turn the hex into RGB and then copy/paste or type the value into 3 separate fields rather than all at once.

I think showing the hex value and the RGB values on the main screen would probably be a simple change but would make things a lot easier. Also, retaining the custom colors used when you re-open a model would be a bonus. When you customize a background or font color, the color gets saved to the recent colors section:

But when you close the model, all those colors are lost (so you have to go re-enter them if you want to color other cells the same way when you re-open the model).


Gilbert Answered question March 1, 2024
  1. I support the request to make the “Recent colors” persistent!
  2. I suggest also to add an “EyeDropper” functionality to pick up a color somewhere on the screen and use it. E.g. from an existing graph (I want to have the same color as …) or from a graphical element like a logo …   [ok, I can use some other app with an EyeDropper. But then it would need to be more convenient to enter a color code, as discussed above].
Gilbert Edited answer March 4, 2024
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