feature request – automatic item selection on linked matrices

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I have a large number of matrices in my model. Many of them are linked by different categories. When I am reviewing data I often have to look into different matrices. With large model, I have to filter the data by placing categories in filter area and do this in many matrices, linked by particular category.

My proposition is, that when I choose an item from the list in filter area, then the views on all matrices that are linked by the same category and currently have this category tile in the filter area, are automatically updated, in such a way that the same item is displayed. Ideally, the category tile would be then highlighted in some way to let me know and remind me, that the value being displayed was driven by item selection on other matrix. Such display behaviour would be switchable. Switching an item in any of the matrices would update the view in all others.

Tahir Answered question April 13, 2022

Hi Olaf, in the menu go to View then check Synchronize Views. This will synchronize filter tray items across all your matrices. You will have the same item selected in filter area in all matrices and views. Hope this helps.

Tahir Answered question April 13, 2022

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