Exporting a matrix to CSV via scriptin, name defined in cell

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Trying to write script so that it saves an export to a folder and the name of that export is based on what the value is from a specific cell. Is that possible?
Matrix1 has a row filter category “Selections” with item name “Export”, row filter tray category “Type” with a constrained input of “MW, SE, SW, or W”.
…in the script below i want the name of the export to be defined from the selection made on the cell…
.export(“\server address hereselection from constrained input here.csv”)
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!


Hi – thanks for the post. In reviewing this we think this is possible but it is always better if we can have a sample model to look at so we can provide concrete advice. Is this is still of a concern can you post a sample model for us?
Many thanks.

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