Delete Visible Rows in Large Data

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Is there a way to delete visible rows when dealing with large data sets aside from selecting all and hitting the delete button on the keyboard? That seems to clock for a long time.

eduardo22 Answered question March 27, 2023

Hi Jim – is this a repetitive activity you’re doing? It is indeed a slow process and performance heavy. I’m wondering if the data you’re hoping to filter and delete is coming from an external source (and if we should be doing a Data Import instead – where we could quickly filter and remove datasets without manual selection). Let me know and we can take a look separately if you like – feel free to send me an email at . — Lyndsey


I wish there was in Quantrix a shortcut that would select all visible rows similar to alt+; in a traditional spreadsheet.  I’ve noticed performance take a hit when deleting large rows of data when they are filtered or sorted; furthermore,  the result is rarely what I want as it deletes the hidden rows as well.

QuantrixAuthority Answered question March 8, 2023
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