Delete Visible Rows in Large Data

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Is there a way to delete visible rows when dealing with large data sets aside from selecting all and hitting the delete button on the keyboard? That seems to clock for a long time.

eduardo22 Answered question March 27, 2023

Hi Jim – is this a repetitive activity you’re doing? It is indeed a slow process and performance heavy. I’m wondering if the data you’re hoping to filter and delete is coming from an external source (and if we should be doing a Data Import instead – where we could quickly filter and remove datasets without manual selection). Let me know and we can take a look separately if you like – feel free to send me an email at . — Lyndsey


Hi Jim,

Did you try to do the delete-step with “Autocalculate = Off”. I suppose (but not 100% sure) that deleting is step by step process, so it will eventually trigger recalculations and verifications during the delete. This may lead to heavy recursion, explaining what you see.

So to be sure: try to switch off autocalculate, delete, turn it on. Does this help?


Gilbert Answered question March 6, 2023
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