Default Item Labels to match Category


One of the barriers for new users can be that the relationship between a category and its items is not visually obvious. Putting the category at the bottom of the page for the “Y”/vertical items is good, but not necessary obvious. That category tray is a very long way from the first default item in the matrix.
Currently the default category for the vertical elements of the matrix is called “B” and the default first item is “B1”. That’s great! But, as soon as you change the name of the category, the connection is lost.
The suggestion is that when the user enters a category name, say “Products” that the associated default item should be changed to match, like to “Products 1”. This way, the connection continues to exist, and even a user may notice which default item changed as they are changing the name of the category, further cementing their understanding of the relationship. This behavior would only be in effect the first time a category name is changed, and not if any items have been changed previously.
There could be some smart heuristics here that sense a “plural” like “products” in the category name and make the first item “product 1”, but that may be more work than it’s worth and may run into language complexities.
Let me know your thoughts

braddo Answered question May 12, 2020

I like your thought of wanting to maintain the relationship when renaming category B to products, but what if my first step is not to rename Category B to products but to rename B1 to a product number “8675309” then add another item B2 and rename it “8675310”.  Then how should Category B behave?  I don’t think it should be renamed…

QuantrixAuthority Answered question May 8, 2020
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