DataNAV error when trying to add one DataNAV category into a matrix with another DataNAV category

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What does this error mean?
“Category XXXX references a field that is not compatible with the data source defined in matrix YYYYY ”
I have an XML data source containing multiple objects such as Employees, Departments, Assets, etc. Data for each object type has been added as a DataNAV Data Source. I’ve created Categories in Quantrix matrices by pulling particular fields from each Data Source into matrices, for instance Assets category, Departments category, etc.
The error occurs if I try to drag the Department category to a matrix that already has the Asset category. What does this mean?? If I cannot merge Categories and data from multiple data sources into one matrix, then that seems to be a massive feature shortcoming of DataNAV functionality!

jlin Asked question December 15, 2018

Hi РI concur that this is a limitation in the DataNAV functionality. DataNAV  does not know what to do when items from different data sources are in the same matrix, so it prevents it from happening. This is a feature enhancement story we have in our backlog and we very much appreciate your feedback on this feature.

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