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660 viewsDataLinkexec jdbc parsing sql

Dear Support,
With Quantrix Modeler 2019 Release 1.0 32 bits and JDBC 6.0 or JDBC 7.2 ( we have no more the possibility to update our Model. The datalink was set in SQL Export with a EXEC Stored Procedure.
The SQL Statement that was working before :
exec sp_PVIN_CA_By_Week_Or_Month
@in_sub_code           = ‘prov’,
@in_file_type           = ‘Mois’,
@in_extract_type       = 1;
The given error we’ve get : “There was an error fetching the data to import” with detail “There was an error parsing the SQL query.”
Now we have try to change the input parameter without the @ :
exec sp_PVIN_CA_By_Week_Or_Month ‘prov’, null, null, ‘Mois’, null, null ;
The new error is : “There was an error fetching the data to import” with detail “Only single select statement is allowed in query.”
We have not found the issue of this problem and seems to be link with the interpretation of the stored procedure (that hasn’t been change)
Is it link with the JDBC ? How could we debug it ? Log ?!
Best regards

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Quantrix support desk can provide you with previous version installers. You can contact them at

Answered question
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