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Hi all!
There is a flat table of sales records with the fields: [Date, Quarter, Salesman, Region, Product, NumCustomers, Net Sales, ProfitOrLoss]. The values of the Net Sales and ProfitOrLoss fields are assigned for analysis. The list of products sold consists of three names: [FastCar, RapidZoo, SuperGlue]. First, you need to build two reports for the Net Sales field. Report 1 (R1) is the total revenue by months and years. Report 2 (R2) is a summary of revenue by years and for the company as a whole for two years. As everyone knows, this is an elementary task. But here’s what makes it harder: reports R1 and R2 must be parameterized by Product slices. Here’s what I mean:
Does anyone know, if it is possible to mimic data slices in QM? Yes or No?
Good luck

S A U Answered question November 25, 2022

Interesting. Yes, the problem is when new item is added, unfortunately we have to add switch manually which is not optimal

braddo Posted new comment July 20, 2020

I agree. It would be much better if Quantrix would allow the list to update automatically much like a traditional slicer…

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