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Hi all!
There is a flat table of sales records with the fields: [Date, Quarter, Salesman, Region, Product, NumCustomers, Net Sales, ProfitOrLoss]. The values of the Net Sales and ProfitOrLoss fields are assigned for analysis. The list of products sold consists of three names: [FastCar, RapidZoo, SuperGlue]. First, you need to build two reports for the Net Sales field. Report 1 (R1) is the total revenue by months and years. Report 2 (R2) is a summary of revenue by years and for the company as a whole for two years. As everyone knows, this is an elementary task. But here’s what makes it harder: reports R1 and R2 must be parameterized by Product slices. Here’s what I mean:
Does anyone know, if it is possible to mimic data slices in QM? Yes or No?
Good luck

Tahir Answered question May 7, 2020

6. This is a demonstration of applying a slice by Cust ID.


S A U Answered question May 6, 2020
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