Data nav Join Question

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I have used data nave to connect to a oracle database. There are multiple tables I want to use.
General ledge with periodkey, versionkey, accountkey, deptkey, and companykey.
I need to join a table for each key to get a name/description. I want to create a custom fields that make the table readable. an example is as follows:
acctkey + ‘-‘ + acctdesc as account
Since acct key is in the main table and sub table I am linked to it will not accept the field. I need to do something like the following
[accountmaster].[acctkey] + ‘-‘ + [accountmaster].[acctdesc] as account
unfortunately data nave does not like this syntax. ANY SOLUTIONS?


Oracle organizes data using schemas and SQL uses databases. Data Nav can only uses join fields within the same schema/database (I Think). Crossing to another schema is my issue. Data link can do it using SQL but I haven’t found a way using data nav.


Hi – I don’t have an Oracle installation handy from where I am at the moment – but just curious if you found a solution? Wonder if the oracle SQL version of a Concatenate function would work?