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If I create a data link to Qloud model from my Q Modeler and then publish it to Qloud, this link seems to be not working on the Qloud. Both models are on the same Qloud account. It starts updating an then stuck without any error message. Does it mean that we cannot create a direct link between 2 Qloud models or is there any way to do that? If not, the only way probably is DB between them.

Tahir Answered question March 12, 2019

UPDATE. It works perfectly now. Using Qloud model as a data source is much better now with a new Quantrix Update. Just use Data>Import data>Matrix>Qloud model. It is recommended to use authentication if use use script to update links
performWithAuthentication(“username”,”password”,{|Ships Database|.updateDataLink()})
alert(“Ship Database updated”)

Tahir Answered question March 12, 2019
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