Dat Nav / Data Link on multidimension matrix

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The Data Link / Data Nav creation window allows to chose “Two Dimensional Matrix Data” as a Data Source. However, there is no option to choose a “Multidimensional matrix” as a Data source. Therefore, how can we use a Multidimensional matrix from one model as a source for another model?

Answered question

I think it is as simple as pointing to the multi-dimensional matrix that you want as the source.  I suppose it can be confusing that the option is “Two Dimensional” it is for any matrix to serve as a source whether two or more dimensions.  The important thing on a multi dimensional as a source is to correctly identify in the wizard “the category to use as the column category”

In this screen shot I am using DateRef as my data source.  I have then specified my category as “Items”  this will then allow me to bring in the various items (Date, Monday of Week, Friday of Week etc) as columns.  If you are unsure which category to select just select any and click next you’ll then be shown a preview of the data in table form, if it is incorrect you can select back and try another category…

Answered question