Creating groups from data import (datalink)

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Hi. I have a matrix of accounts grouped. This matrix is supposed to be loaded into the database and used in various models.
When i load data from the database, the Empty values appears in the groups.

How can hierarchy levels be kept in groups?

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Can you upload your model and I can take a look and try to figure out a solution for you…


VV Hi,
1. As far as I understand, accounts’s hierarchy consists of four levels. But you left three of six hierarchy branches incompletely named. I have named all levels in all branches of the hierarchy and this is what I got for H2 DB by means of Data Import:

2. If you want to use a category¬†Hierarchy in many other models, then consider use of the template instead of importing-exporting the matrix for this purpose: (FileSave As (select the ‘Quantrix Modeler Template File‘ option from the drop-down menu) )
Good luck, SAU

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