Creating a timeline using a set input year and a set stop year or number of intervening years

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Hello, Quantrix community. I hope all is well with you.

I want to create a model in which the start and end dates are defined by an initial settings matrix. I have input and end dates, or input date and the number of years to run the model.

Could you please let me know how I should best build this into the model? Thank you very much!

All the best, Andrés

S A U Answered question March 24, 2024

Hi all,
creating a model’s timeline by means of:
a) the start year and end year:

b) the start year and the number of years:

Good luck

S A U Answered question March 24, 2024

Dear Andrés,

This is a very good question. I always struggle with this one. Basically, there are three techniques:

  1. Use ONE MANUAL category for the Years, and group them if needed into Actuals and Future, for example.
  2. Use Global Settings Start / End and use this to create the automatic Year categories. This will be a problem if you need to have Actuals / Future groups, but if you have not, this is probably the good way for you to approach.
  3. Use timelines. One for the Actuals, one for the Future, one for all values. The trouble is, timelines definition is currently only manual as well, so you cannot read from globals. On the other hand, timelines have a lot of advantages to copy values back and forth matrices with different time range. So this might be a good solution for a complex model with a lot of timelines and different aggregations.

Please see my example model for all 3 techniques in comparison.

As I assume that you will use technique 2 (automated Year categories), I explain a bit more on how to create it:

a) define StartYear and EndYear in the “GlobalsCat”.

b) These will then autogenerate YearLists in the matrix “YearCategories”. I made in my example for the three groups mentioned above, if you need only one category, just delete the other.

c) Autogenerate Year categories from the Year list: Create the category, right-click, “Configure > Generate Items”

This should do what you wish.

Do not hesitate to ask further if anything is not clear.


Gilbert Answered question March 21, 2024

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