Complex Queries in Quantrix

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I’m working in an industrial environment with a production database which has some difficult structuring issues. I know how to manipulate the database pretty well, and have a PL/SQL query that I’ve written which in Oracle SQL Developer that returns the correct data. When i go to use this query in Quantrix however it returns the rather unhelpfully succinct “There was an error parsing the SQL query”. Does anyone have any documentation or understanding of the limits for what we can run through this thing?
It may be possible for me to go through and replicate most of the manipulations I’m doing in the data model itself (a basic select statement runs fine), but I’ve got a library of these pre-written SQL statements I’d prefer to use to import well structured data.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Also by complex, there are multiple selects, joins, pivots and unions. its not ideal but we’re not going to get an improvement in the data structure for quite some time.

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What version of Quantrix are you using?  If this is version 2019.v1 then this is a BUG in the software.  You should revert to a previous version of the software.  This thread has to do with the exact same BUG and issue.  It sounds like Quantrix is hoping to get this fixed with a patch by the end of April.

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I’m running 2019 v 1.0 so it looks like this is probably it. Though it sounds like the patch concerns items like stored procedures, do you think it will loosen restrictions on multiple selects/pivots/ etc?

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