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Anyone have an example of a basic Ask method for prompting the model user to enter data? I am trying to find the best way to have the user enter a few pieces of information on a single prompt box that then populates fields in a matrix. For instance, the user puts the state they live in and their birthday. Two boxes in the same prompt then populate |Matrix::Test:1| and |Matrix::Test:2| for instance.

I don’t use scripting much beyond data updates so excuse the ignorance here. Appreciate any thoughts on this.


jklinghoffer Answered question December 2, 2020

Hi Jason,

I am not a scripting expert, but I think it should work for you:

def myMessage = “Enter your data”
def myInput = ask(myMessage, [“State”:String, “Birthday”:Date])

def st = myInput.get(“State”)
def bd = myInput.get(“Birthday”)

|Matrix1::State|.value = st

|Matrix1::Birthday|.value = bd

You will be able even to select a date from calendar. Just create a Matrix1 and add items State and Birthday and run this script.

jklinghoffer Posted new comment February 2, 2021

Thanks Tahir, this works great. Appreciate the answer!

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