Any way to automatically update Item Names based on criteria?

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I’d like to keep the Item Names of Category A synced to match the value of a particular Item from Category B. I tried making converting Category A into a Primary Key and I can make it work once, but any new items manually added do not stay in sync.
Is there any way to do this automatically¬†via scripting (e.g. I don’t have to remember to press a button every time I want to sync the names up)?

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Have you checked out Item Generation? (Right click a dimension tile > configure > generate items)

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I am in fact already using Item Generation extensively! I end up having an input matrix with category DepartmentsInput and DepartmentsInfo, use Generate Items to populate items for a second Category Departments that is actually used model-wide. Then I have to use a formula to “copy” all the data into my “real” Departments matrix, which is effectively read-only.
I feel like I have to jump through these hoops because there’s no way to copy data from Excel and then “one-shot” paste the item names along w/ the item values into a matrix. (btw, this hack is itself a hack to get around not being able to directly import from Excel w/out manually exporting CSVs per worksheet).
If there was a way to script item name modification every time a cell value changed, that would be wonderful. From all product documentation and forum posts I’ve read, Quantrix scripting doesn’t seem to have a proper event model – all script actions have to be manually triggered.

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