Any way to access and set properties of Canvas elements?

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Would it be possible to set properties such as width, height, hidden etc. for elements of a Canvas? It doesn’t seem like the object model allows any access.
What I would like to do is add some Actions on a canvas to show/hide certain elements and move or resize Table Views. Specific use cases:

  • Make a paragraph of description text “collapsible”, such that all other canvas elements below would shift upwards when users don’t want to see the text.
  • Shift the positions of table views down or up as an above table view grows/shrinks depending on filter settings.
  • Maximize the width and height of a table view depending on the user’s browser & Model Browser view settings

Actually, the first two goals could be achieved elegantly if Quantrix had a Collapsible Container element.

jlin Asked question March 7, 2019

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