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Dynamic item filtering on categories is a relatively new feature, which can be especially powerful to display results or configure charts to focus on what you want to look at.

The trouble is, in categories with a lot of items, it means a lot of clicking to get the right selection. Therefore, I suggest that items should be selectable/deselectable using expressions.


If have a Year-Category running from 2024 to 2060. I want to focus the chart dynamically on a certain time region. E.g. lets select all the items from 2023 to 2032. I want to type the expression in the search field “< 2033” to select the wished years.

The item selection then shows the graph as wished (this is already the case with the manual selection).


It is true, one can use search to restrict the items, and then select/deselect the found items all at once. If used cleverly, sometimes you can save some clicking. Still, it seems cumbersome compared to the suggested solution.


Thanks for considering, Gilbert

Tahir Answered question May 9, 2024

Hi Gilbert,

You can use expression in cell filter of a table view to achieve this. You can even go further and use sliders on canvas to dynamically change start and end date of the chart. See a demo below.


Gilbert Posted new comment May 9, 2024

Thank you Tahir, I think this is a excellent suggestion! Thank you! I’m also using this on canvases.
Still, the expression in the category filter I’m asking for is for “quick-and-dirty-on-the-fly” during daily modeling work. I think the whole idea about category filter was to make a shortcut for not having to go down the cell filter route.

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