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I am making a presentation canvass for our managers to export to pdf for reporting purposes. I need to be able to sum based on AOI and the manager scope of work. The table below for reference, I need to be able to show a total of AOI 1 for Manager 1 encompassing Geography 1 – 7, then do the same for Manager 2 but for Geography 8-12.

I need the presentation canvass to be dynamic and change what is shown based on manager selections upon another canvass (I have this working for everything but the AOI totals).

Gilbert Answered question June 18, 2024

P.S.: Obviously, if you want to have the total some per AOI (not split up by Manager), you duplicate the “Sum” Matrix to “SumAOI” and just remove the “Manager”-category …

Gilbert Answered question June 18, 2024

hi jf373x,

Your problem seems very clear and straighforward. What is not very clear from your post is what you already did so far, and how your structure looks. Best would be to share a simple demo model with us, so we see exactly what you’ve done and what the problem is.

Anyway. It seems like your basic item is the geography, having all kind of hierarchical attributes which you want to use to aggregate.

So it is important that you do NOT use a geography category and group it, but to use one category for all your aggreagation levels, e.g. AOI, AG, Manager and Geography.

Then you assign the attributes to Geography (either directly or hierarchically if there are hierarchic rules). (Done in “GeographyList” in my example).

Once the structure correctly done, you take your inputs (I generated some 500 random datapoints in my matrix “SomeData”), and then you aggregate to whatever matrix you want. (“Sum” in the example, which is “AOI” times “Manager”).

The formula then basically is: “sum (SomeData::Amount)” or something similar.

Please take a look at the sample model attached, and come back if you have more questions.

Good luck!


Gilbert Answered question June 18, 2024