ActionScript and Hotkey with Canvas

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Solved1.62K viewsScripting

I have this problem with Hotkey with a Canvas button, when I save the model and I re-open it Hotkey are reset to None.
In attach a model with this kind of problem, I use Quantrix 2018, I had not this kind of issue in version 6.

    1. Create one or more Action scripts and assign them to a hotkey
    2. Create a canvas adding a scripted button
    3. Save and reopen the model
    4. Hotkey information are reset to None:

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I experience the same problem.  Have you logged this as a defect with support?  If not I’ll do so.

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With version the problem is SOVED

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I did but for the moment is not solved yet so I have decided to try with forum .
I hope Support fix this as soon as possible

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