access a JAR file (or any other executable from Quantrix script

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I have a Python script which accesses the PC file system, generating CSV files which I import via a datalink in Quantrix 6.1
Currently I need to switch applications to a CMD window to run the Python script, wait until it completes, switch back to Quantrix and then run a groovy script in Quantrix to update the datalinks.
Reading through Quantrix forum posts from years back, it seems as though it is possible to extend groovy within Quantrix using JAR archives?  Do they need to be put in a specific directory? Can they access the PC file system?
I understand that I can wrap a Python script in a JAR archive, so hopefully I can run it directly from the Quantrix script?
If so, are there any examples I can follow?
Thank you.

pbmiddleton Asked question May 7, 2019

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