A Script That will Create an Item and Populate the Cell of the Just Created Item with a value

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Quantrix Community,  I’m no scripting master, but I know several of you are.  Here is my question.

QuantrixAuthority Answered question October 31, 2023

Here is a simple example that may not do what you’re asking, so let me know.

This will check the # of items in Matrix1::B and add that # of items to Matrix2::C. Then, the script will populate/re-index all items in C.

So, with this script, the # of items in Matrix2::C is only ever increasing.

def size = |Matrix1::B|.items.size


|Matrix2::C|.values = 1..|Matrix2::C|.items.size
lyndseyweber Answered question October 30, 2023
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