A dynamic distribution of the budget period onto three parts

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Hi all!
We are all used to seeing in financial models the static distribution of the budget period into three parts: historical, current and forecast by grouping items of the time category:


Is it possible to make such reallocation parametric on the fly in QM? Below I will show a demonstration one of the methods for how to do this in QM.
See my answers below, pls.

Answered question

Hi all!
I have attached a QM model at Tahir’s request. I think there will be no problems with understanding the calculation part of the model. All the difficulties are likely will be with trying to customize the dashboard. Unfortunately, QM has an outdated graphics engine on board. Therefore, you need to apply diligence and patience to implement the graphic idea on a canvas. The advice here is: copy the dashboard to the separate canvas, disassemble it into its component parts. Then carefully study all the settings of individual chart elements, including the chart’s expressions of elements.
Good luck

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