Quantrix Consulting Opportunity

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Are you an experienced Quantrix Modeler. Are you looking to do project work? I have immediate opportunities to do 1-4 week Quantrix Modeling work. Project generally involve improving an existing model, create a model from scratch, reverse engineering a spreadsheet into Quantrix Modeler, working with databases and configuring Quantrix Qloud.

If your interested, please email me at sbailey@blackbriaradvisors.com

Steve Bailey

quantrix_essla Answered question June 14, 2018

We have time on demand to work on a quantrix model design, building or testing or participate in a project as a programmer.
Enclosed an example
Best Regards,
Ernesto Seijas, Essla Panama
tel +507 390 4485 or cel +507 609 72717

quantrix_essla Answered question June 14, 2018
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