Suggested workflow for true ad-hoc Drill Down from DataNAV?

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As described in online help, Drill Down for DataNAV seems quite inflexible, in that I have to go through the wizard process each time I want to drill down into a cell’s data; if I want to see the records underlying "West", I have to right-click and run through the Drill Down wizard, if I want to drill down on the adjacent "East", same again, etc etc. Of course, I could save each Drill Down result into a separate Matrix or Data Source and then compare them after the fact, but it would be really easy to end up with a lot of extra "junk" in my model.

Is it possible to navigate through underlying data from a DataNAV source using something like Dependency Inspector, for truly "ad-hoc" drill down?

brian cabana Answered question June 18, 2018

Thanks for your feedback.  We are working and will continue to work on improving our data integration features.  I will record your improvement suggestions for future consideration.

brian cabana Answered question June 18, 2018

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