Unable to extract data wrt Month from Two different Matrix

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I am trying to extract Expected Salary data from matrix TBH PLan based on the month indicated in Start Date column. I end up extracting the data during the month selected in the first row of matrix TBH Plan.
What formula should i use to move the cursor along the dept and also along month or Start Date column.

I want to show 50k in August and 45K in March for Corporate and 75k in development during the month of April for development in AvgSalEx matrix.
My formula:
Month=if(#Month=TBH Plan::MnPos,Sum(select(TBH Plan::Expected Salary,@level(TBH Plan::DeptS, 1),@Dept)),0)


The requirement matrix has the manual input.
My final goal is to be able to fill the AvgSalExp with Monthly salary of people hired . E.g for Corporate dept the average salary starts with (50k/12)=4166 during Feb to which (45k/12) is added during the month of March and the total salary is continued till the year end.

As of now I couldnot even pull the salary wrt to date and year correctly. Stuck on first step.

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