Unable to extract data wrt Month from Two different Matrix

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I am trying to extract Expected Salary data from matrix TBH PLan based on the month indicated in Start Date column. I end up extracting the data during the month selected in the first row of matrix TBH Plan.
What formula should i use to move the cursor along the dept and also along month or Start Date column.

I want to show 50k in August and 45K in March for Corporate and 75k in development during the month of April for development in AvgSalEx matrix.
My formula:
Month=if(#Month=TBH Plan::MnPos,Sum(select(TBH Plan::Expected Salary,@level(TBH Plan::DeptS, 1),@Dept)),0)


Do examine this model. Is it what you need?



Apply an example of model in which the result necessary to you is manually written down


The requirement matrix has the manual input.
My final goal is to be able to fill the AvgSalExp with Monthly salary of people hired . E.g for Corporate dept the average salary starts with (50k/12)=4166 during Feb to which (45k/12) is added during the month of March and the total salary is continued till the year end.

As of now I couldnot even pull the salary wrt to date and year correctly. Stuck on first step.


Thanks this works!