Quantrix and CPU load on Mac OS X

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Do you want to push your (multiple) CPU(s) to its(their) extreme(s)? (Also a good way to test if your computer fans work or not). That’s easy :) :

1. Open Activity Viewer – to track the results
2. Open Quantrix and some model
3. Look at the low CPU usage by Quantrix (~ 1-3%)
4. Go to the ‘Edit formula’ mode – e.g. double-link on some formula and prepare to edit it.
5. Go back to Activity Viewer – enjoy high CPU load (~130-140% in my case – remember about 2 CPUs).
6. High CPU usage doesn’t go away with time – just don’t exit ‘Edit formula’ mode.

Repeatable: every time. Model size: doesn’t matter.


And obviously, once you’re done editing your formula, the Quantrix goes back to normal CPU load.

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