Quantrix and CPU load on Mac OS X

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Do you want to push your (multiple) CPU(s) to its(their) extreme(s)? (Also a good way to test if your computer fans work or not). That’s easy :) :

1. Open Activity Viewer – to track the results
2. Open Quantrix and some model
3. Look at the low CPU usage by Quantrix (~ 1-3%)
4. Go to the ‘Edit formula’ mode – e.g. double-link on some formula and prepare to edit it.
5. Go back to Activity Viewer – enjoy high CPU load (~130-140% in my case – remember about 2 CPUs).
6. High CPU usage doesn’t go away with time – just don’t exit ‘Edit formula’ mode.

Repeatable: every time. Model size: doesn’t matter.


Yup – I am able to confirm internally. Seems isolated to the OS X environment. I have it logged in our database and will let you know of any new developments. Thanks for pointing this out to us.



And obviously, once you’re done editing your formula, the Quantrix goes back to normal CPU load.