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Greetings Forum Community,

We are looking for your feedback! The seven features below are requests you have raised with us. Please help us prioritize and choose the top 3 of features you would like to see addressed in a future release of Quantrix Modeler by voting in the poll at the top of this thread. [b:2h5gy025][i:2h5gy025]You need to be logged into your MyQuantrix account to vote in the poll.[/b:2h5gy025][/i:2h5gy025]

Thank you in advance for your participation in this poll which will help shape future releases of Quantrix Modeler. The poll will be open until March 3, 2007.

[b:2h5gy025]DataLink Source – Quantrix Model File [/b:2h5gy025]- Develop functionality to allow a Quantrix Model file to be used as a DataLink source. This would allow users to establish a DataLink with matrices residing in a separate model file.

[b:2h5gy025]Smart Time Dimension[/b:2h5gy025] – Develop functionality to support nested time dimensions in a model. For instance, the model could know 4 quarters belong to a year, and 3 months belong to a quarter, eliminating the need to write recurrence formulas between time dimensions.

[b:2h5gy025]Presentation Engine[/b:2h5gy025] – Develop functionality that allows users to link in pieces of Quantrix matrices, views and charts onto a single presentation canvas for using, printing, or exporting the model.

[b:2h5gy025]Develop User and Viewer Application[/b:2h5gy025] – Develop a Viewer version of the application that would allow the user to only view the model. Also develop a User version of the application that would allow the user to modify data and structure, but not the model formulas.

[b:2h5gy025]Solver[/b:2h5gy025] – Develop a solver / goalseek module for Quantrix to solve complex models with variable inputs.

[b:2h5gy025]Scripting[/b:2h5gy025] – Develop a scripting language for the application to allow users to customize Quantrix functionality to their needs.

[b:2h5gy025]XBRL Desktop Support[/b:2h5gy025] – Develop integrated support for the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) ([url:2h5gy025][/url:2h5gy025]) to allow users to import and export XBRL documents.

Is there a feature you would like to see that is not on this list? Please feel free to post it on this thread.

Thank you for your vote and support of Quantrix!

[b:2h5gy025][i:2h5gy025]Please note:[/b:2h5gy025] This poll will be used to help the Quantrix development team prioritize and schedule features. It does not represent a commitment by Quantrix that it will develop any particular feature in any timeframe.[/i:2h5gy025]


I would like to encourage the addition of a yield-to-maturity (YTM) formula to the financial functions. It’s a variant of your rate() formula. YTM is applicable to any debt security, including:
– mortgage annual percentage yield calculation
– CD yield to maturity calculation
– bond yield to maturity calculation; also applies to Treasury securities, commercial paper, etc.

Please vote in favor of adding this feature.


Sponsored by the ‘YTM for Quantrix alliance’ 😉

For those interested, the full details for the most general case of the formula are:

* maturity date (e.g. 22-june-2016)
* coupon (interest payment per annual, e.g. 5.5%)
* payment frequency (annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly)
* nominal amount (the face value of the debt security/mortgage)
* price paid for debt security (100 is ‘par’); alterantively, one could specify the principal amount (the price paid for the security at purchase)
* accrued interest (the accrued interest paid for the security at purchase)
* purchase date (the purchase date)

When buying/selling a debt security, there’s a principal amount to be paid, defined as price * nominal amount / 100, but then there’s also accrued interest to be paid. If e.g. one buys a security that pays interest yearly one month after interest was paid, the buyer pays off the seller 1 month worth of interest. This keeps the price free of such predictable ‘distortions’.

For someone calculating the annual percentage yield on a CD, mortgage, T-Bill, some of the parameters would not be necessary.

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