Charts: how do I change the axis labels interval?

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I have a chart where the axis labels are showing period names every 11 periods, where I would like them every 12. I have tried clicking and sliding the labels to the left and the right. The periods change nicely but when I get one correct, the others have slid away off to some other random number. Is there a better way of handling this?



This issue has been addressed with the new release of Quantrix Modeler 1.1 Professional Edition. Please see the support page on for download instructions.

Thank you for this suggestion!



Hello Gilbert – Thanks for your post:

Currently, the data labels on the X and Y axis use ‘best to fit’ logic where the program attempts to fit the data labels appropriately depending on the height and width of the chart. This sometimes leads to some undesired results in the size and locations of the legends in the chart.

As of yet, the user does not have control over the font, size and where the legend points are located. This is high on the list of priorities for our next release. This release is tentatively scheduled for April 2004.


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