Charts: data selection

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Sorry to be thick but how do I select just three adjacent rows in a matrix and chart them, please? When I try, I seem to get a chart of the whole matrix.


If you uncollapse any existing item… or add a new item to the Charts table view… or any view / matrix associated with the chart, the data series will add to the chart.

If you are working with a chart on a Presentation canvas, right click on the chart and choose Chart > Show Table View from the menu.

Does this help?


Well, here we are at version 3.1…

How do I add a data series to an existing chart?


Hey there Gilbert:

As you discovered, creating a chart from a Quantrix Matrix will by default, create a chart with all the data represented.

The trick with version 1.0 is that in the chart view, select the items you DON’T want to chart and collapse them. (Right click on the selected items –> choose ‘Collapse’ from the menu)

Future functionality plans include the ability to select the items you want to chart in the matrix view, and then create the chart based on the items selected. This process is undoubtedly more intuitive to the user.

However, collapsing things you don’t want to see in the chart view will work with 1.0.

Hope this helps!